What is bitcoin and why should you care?

It’s been nearly two years since the bitcoin bubble burst, but it’s been a rocky time for many in the blockchain community.

Bitcoin was supposed to be a digital currency, but has proven to be just another form of virtual currency.

A major hurdle has been that the decentralized cryptocurrency can’t be trusted by banks and governments, which makes it a target for hackers.

Bitcoin has also been hit by a string of hacks and thefts.

While it’s a cryptocurrency, its blockchain technology allows transactions to be more private and can also be used to trace the origin of money.

The cryptocurrency has been growing rapidly in popularity, and in April, the price rose to a record high of $1,842.

Now, bitcoin is on the verge of another big price surge, and a new market cap is estimated at $7 billion.

The story behind the story: The bitcoin blockchain is the backbone of the internet.

The technology allows the world to process data and store it securely.

The rise of bitcoin in 2017 has been driven by the growing demand for blockchain technology.

In June, the world’s largest bitcoin exchange, Mt.

Gox, shuttered, citing insufficient security for the currency.

The following month, Mt Gox filed for bankruptcy protection, and the cryptocurrency price dropped to $250.

The next month, bitcoin reached a record $1 and reached $1.6 million.

It was the largest bitcoin price in history, and it helped propel bitcoin’s popularity, according to CoinMarketCap.

The digital currency gained even more steam in July when Mt.

Sica, the second largest bitcoin trading platform, announced it would be shutting down.

But bitcoin remained volatile, and on September 25, Mt Sica went offline.

The price has remained stable, but the market cap of bitcoin has shot up by more than 500% since the beginning of 2017.

What’s next?

The market cap has more than doubled to more than $7.5 billion, according the website Blockchain.info.

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