Sprouts Farmers Market opens with new seasonal food options

Sprouts Farms, a growing food service company based in the Minneapolis area, will open its first market in Minneapolis in early 2018 with a seasonal menu of seasonal favorites.

Market chameleons will also be featured, with more than 25 different items on offer.

Market prices are based on a market value per pound, and are set to be lower than the current market prices of $3.80 for a box of chocolates and $3 for a pound of chard, a perennial corn and soybean crop.

Sprouts is seeking to sell for $1.40 per pound of dried corn and $1 for a gallon of chardonnay.

Market products are also available for pre-order.

The company plans to have a full selection of farm fresh produce available to customers in the coming weeks.

Market chameles will be available at the end of June.

Sprouts’ products include:Peppermint chamomile, sweet tea, blackberry butter, peach cider, chocolate and pecan jam. 

Market chamoms are a blend of peppers, chamois and black cherries, and a few varieties of blueberries.

Sprout has partnered with Minneapolis’ city parks to offer a free event in the spring, and they’re also planning to offer an event in 2019.

Sprouted is also making its own seasonal honey and honey wine, but is not yet making the honey available to shoppers.

The city also offers a $1 million grant to help Sprouts grow its own business, but Sprouts says they will be able to continue to expand.

They are hoping to open a second location in Minneapolis by the end or early 2019.