When ‘big boys’ take control of the global economy

A new book suggests that big business is taking over the world’s economy.

The title The Big Boys: How Big Business Has Grown and Changed the World says that, in the past 50 years, the financial sector has grown from being a tiny group of “small boys” to a multinational conglomerate with a global reach of $60 trillion.

It is the first book to address this question.

In a recent interview, former British Prime Minister John Major told Al Jazeera: “If you think about the big boys, they are big businesses and they are the ones that run the country.

They are the players in the game, the ones in charge of our economy.”

But this does not mean that the players are necessarily big, nor does it mean that they are necessarily benevolent.

“Big business is not a benign force,” says Robert Pollin, the co-author of the book.

“It is a powerful force that wants to dominate the world.

It doesn’t care about people, it is not really interested in our welfare, and its only purpose is to make money.

It has no concern for our well-being, its only concern is to profit.”

“Big boys” is a long and difficult book to read, but the book is worth it, says Pollin.

He has a PhD in economics from Cambridge University and has been researching and writing about the role of big business in the development of the world for the last 20 years.

“The big boys are everywhere.

They operate everywhere, they rule the world, they have immense power.

They can control the whole world.

And they have got the financial power.

And that is why they control our economy.”

The Big Boys” is available on Amazon UK, where it has been bought by publisher Simon & Schuster.