Woodman’s opens new location in a busy CBD market

A new food market is set to open in the heart of the CBD on March 18.

The store is set for the ground floor of Woodman Foods in the CBD’s historic Market Street.

The opening is the first of three planned retail stores in the region.

Woodman, which has stores in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, is the brainchild of former Woodman CEO John Woodman and his wife, Sarah.

“It’s about finding a place that is more accessible for people with disabilities, where people can go and see how they can work, eat and shop, without needing to go to the office,” Sarah Woodman said.

“We’re not trying to replace the old office, but rather to find places that are accessible for everyone.”

She said the stores would include a variety of food products.

“I think people are really looking for places that they can find a different, healthier and better food,” she said.

The Woodmans’ food and beverage business has about 120 employees and has been operating in the market for more than 10 years.

Sarah Woodmans said it was important that the company was not left behind.

“Our goal is to have a location that is just as good as the one that we have now,” she told 7.30.

“The fact that we’re now in a place where we can create a brand that can stand on its own is fantastic.”

The Woodman store has been in the same space since 2009 and will offer a range of products, including artisan bread, fresh produce, dairy products, meat and prepared salads.

Sarah said they were excited to open a new location to provide more options to people with disability.

“People with disabilities have been asking us to be here and we want to be able to offer something that is accessible to people who have disabilities,” she added.

The first store opened in the former Smiths and White’s in the city’s CBD in 2015.

The company also operates in other areas of Sydney, including the CBD and the Northern Beaches.

The current store is located at 7.10-11 Market St. The building was built in 1910 and is part of the Woodmans business development plan.