Phil’s fishmarket opens, offers seafood on a budget

NEW YORK — Phil’s Market in the Bronx will offer free samples at a free-sample market this weekend for anyone who buys fish, shrimp and crawfish from a local farmer’s market.

The market is opening at 6 p.m.

Saturday at 541 New York Ave., across from the Queens Museum and is scheduled to run until 11 p.s.m., and will also offer a free samples sampling at a different market in Manhattan later Saturday.

The citywide Fish Market, which was launched last year and draws about 500 people each Saturday, has expanded into a second market in Queens that’s scheduled to open at 5 p.g.m Saturday at the same site.

A small number of participating farmers will sell to local customers, but all prices are subject to change.

The Fish Market is open to the public.

If you’re not from New York, there are a few options:At the New York City Farmers Market, where there are more than 200 vendors selling fish and produce, customers can pick up free samples and take home free bread at a variety of locations in the city, including City Hall and the Bronx Zoo.

The free-range fish sold in the New Jersey Farmers Market will be available for purchase at a local farmers market, but that market also runs from 6 p,m.

to midnight.